Solar Tipping Point

18 hours of Sunshine on Australia is equivalent to our total World Wide Energy consumption for one year! We have seen a great expansion in our use of this Sunshine – surely Australia’s greatest asset. It is a great step toward our National Energy independence.

Being a free source of Energy accessible to all, Solar Energy naturally competes with all other forms of energy, especially the electric grid infrastructure. The rapid advances in Solar Technology coupled with plummeting cost have put Solar Energy on a collision course with Electricity Companies.

The Electricity Companies and their wealthy owners have tremendous political lobbying power, which is currently in full swing against Solar. Their campaign is attempting to vilify Solar and place the blame of high power costs on Solar. This is pure boncus and political spin. It is however understandable – they are desperate…

We are at a threshold, a tipping point, in the way Energy is generated and distributed. Solar System Owners have become a vital and significant part of our National Energy Infrastructure and have made a tremendous contribution to its stability and independence. They deserve acknowledgement and respect for their contribution.

They are now also a strong voting force.

The Hybrid Sunshine Team respectfully requests that Government Ministers involved, and their colleagues, take the opportunity of the imminent review of the Renewable Energy Target to acknowledge existing Solar System Owners AND to ensure that the remaining Australians have an equal opportunity to contribute and invest in our Solar Future.

This turning point requires great courage in the face of the century old Fossil Energy Monopoly.

This is our great opportunity to build a 100% renewable energy economy.

Vote for a strong Renewable Energy Target!

(This message has been posted to Ministers Facebook Pages)

Solar Citizens

Well done Solar Citizens

An unprecedented campaign by Solar Citizens has led to reports that Federal Cabinet has rejected the Warburton review of the Target.

This comes 2 weeks after the Solar Citizen Campaign.

It is too early to chalk this one up.  Canberra is under pressure to drop the RET by vested interests.  

Nonetheless, I am awed by the passion and support shown by Australians for Solar and Renewable Energy.  This is a great day for Solar.

Let’s ensure Solar System Owners are treated fairly, that all Australian Residents have an equal opportunity to invest in Solar and share in its benefits.

After all, we have become a vital part of our energy infrastructure.  Our investments benefit the whole nation.

We have also become a strong voting force.

Congratulations to all involved!