We are being forced into Grid Defection.

Forced into Grid Defection

AGL has just increased its daily electricity supply (connection) charge by 66.1%


What ???

The supply charge is something you cannot counter by frugal use of electricity or installing Solar, it is a fixed charge. 

At the same time the cost per kWh has risen by (just?) 4.8%.

What justifies this astronomical 66.1% increase in Supply Charges?  AGL responded to my questions with “the increases have been approved by the ACCC”.

Should this trend continue, we will soon be paying more for being connected to the Grid then the power we use. 

This has significant and ominous implications for existing and prospective Grid Connected Solar System owners and the long term recovery of their solar investment.

The trend will force owners to consider off-grid strategies, escalating the growing trend of “Grid Defection”, where owners install Hybrid Solar, Wind & Battery systems and disconnect the Grid.

While some say this is some years off, it appears power companies are making moves NOW that force the issue.

Let’s put a 66.1% per year supply charge rise into perspective.  If repeated until 2020:

Year Daily Yearly
2013 $0.55 $201.59
2014 $0.92 $334.64
2015 $1.52 $555.51
2016 $2.53 $922.15
2017 $4.19 $1,530.76
2018 $6.96 $2,541.07
2019 $11.56 $4,218.17
2020 $19.18 $7,002.17

These are very important matters affecting our Energy Future.

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