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Hybrid Sunshine provides on-site and Skype consultation services for prospective Solar System buyers and existing owners of Solar Systems seeking to expand to Hybrid Solar, Wind and Battery Systems.

Our service aims to identify the Solar Potential for your site and property, to explore investment options, to tune and optimize your Hybrid Solar System and generate accurate Return On Investment (ROI) predictions.

You receive a lifetime subscription to the Solar Energy Simulator, the most powerful tool available to ‘tune’ and optimise your Solar, Wind and battery components.  You get hands on tuition. We complete your energy profile, connect different Solar components, run simulations and run reports.  You quickly become an expert.

You get the vital due-diligence information you need to make an informed Solar System investment decision.

If your decision is to proceed with a solar system you have ‘tuned’ using the Solar Energy Simulator, you have a precise system sizing and configuration needed to obtain competitive quotes. 

You can also create a tender at TENDERS.NET ( for your system using the tender specification documents generated by the Solar Energy Simulator.

Hybrid Solar Systems are systems where you still have power when the grid goes down and where you can self-consume instead off feeding excess power back to the grid.  If you are considering expanding your new or existing Solar System to incorporate a Hybrid Battery Inverter, Wind Generator or any other power source,  you will be looking at solving a very difficult power generation, power storage, system sizing and economic impact problem.

Suppliers of conventional back-to-grid Solar Systems, Hybrid Solar Systems, Wind Generators etc. generally use ‘rule of thumb’ methods based on your recent power bills to estimate the size of the system components and the return on investment.  These methods may be adequate for Back-to-Grid Solar System sizing, but not for their ROI calculations.  Hybrid Solar Systems cannot be sized accurately using power bills.

Hybrid Sunshine has developed the only technology capable of accurately sizing conventional back-to-grid and hybrid combinations of Solar, Wind, Battery components for homes, farms, business and industrial sites –  the Solar Energy Simulator.  Once a system is optimally sized using the Solar Energy Simulator, we also have an accurate baseline that is used to generate investment quality ROI reports.

Our consultation service includes a lifetime subscription to the Solar Energy Simulator (normally $59.95 per year) and we assists you in setting it up.  We then work together and try a variety of system components and sizes and run simulations and reports.  With our guidance you will quickly learn how the Solar Energy Simulator works.

At the completion of the consultation you will have a greater understanding of the various Solar Energy potentials for your site and how you can use the Solar Energy Simulator to explore them, generating investment grade reports upon which to base your decisions.

The consultation includes:

  • Discovering what you can achieve with Solar and Hybrid Solar technologies
  • Answering all questions you may have concerning Solar technologies
  • Detailed investigation of your site and property Solar Energy potentials
  • A lifetime subscription to the Solar Energy Simulator.
  • Setup of your online Solar Energy Simulator Site
  • Assistance with your Electric Appliance Audit
  • Matching and tuning your Solar System or Hybrid Solar System
  • Running example Simulations (you can run your own later)
  • Generating and discussing simulation reports
  • Generating system specifications
  • Generating tender documents (optional)
  • Setting up a TENDERS.NET tender (optional)

You are considering an investment.  You need quality Solar Energy investment information specific to your site and consumption profile without which you should not proceed.  You need to ‘tune’ the Solar, Wind and Battery components against your consumption profile while ensuring compatibility. Without expert insight and systems advice, and without the Solar Energy Simulator, you are unlikely to configure an optimal system and will not realize optimal Return On Investment.

Your investment in a Hybrid Sunshine consultation makes plain economic sense.

We offer two consultation services:

  On-Site Consultation (we visit your site in person)

  Skype Consultation (we consult over the Internet using Skype)

For consultation inquiries:

Call (+61) 0409 309901

or Email