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Independent Solar Consultants

Hybrid Sunshine Membership

Subscribe and become a Hybrid Sunshine Member to simulate appliance electricity consumption and Solar, Wind and Battery electricity generation for your Home, Business, Farm etc, using the Solar Energy Simulator.

Membership starts at $4.95 (AU) for 1 week.

Also available for $9.95 (AU) per month and $59.95 (AU) per year.

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The Solar Energy Simulator is as ‘real’ for simulating your electrical environment as a flight simulator is for flying a plane!

Membership provides you with the most powerful tool available to give you control of your power bills. Once your site, grid and appliance details are completed, these are stored as a baseline from which you can explore all possible options to reduce consumption and generate your own power.

For every option you explore you can generate investment grade reports and projections to see how it all stacks up financially.


You can keep your site baseline up to date and check new technology options and potentials as they become available.

Hybrid Sunshine Members take control of their Energy Future.


As a member you will also be supporting ongoing Hybrid Sunshine initiatives, including:

  • Ongoing research into current Solar, Wind and Battery trends and technologies
  • Ongoing refinement and expansion of the Solar Energy Simulator
  • Development and hosting of a Solar Wiki
  • Development and hosting of an electrical appliance database with consistent ratings
  • Development and hosting of a Solar, Wind and Battery database with consistent ratings


We have realised that, while Hybrid Solar, Wind and Battery technologies are developing and evolving rapidly, relevant investment information is widely scattered, generally only available from manufacturers or suppliers and skewed by marketing bias.

Hybrid Sunshine is developing a database where manufacturers and suppliers can manage their own products in a consistent way, providing consumer comparisons without marketing pressure or hype.

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