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We explore the Solar, Wind and Hybrid Solar potentials of your home, farm or business site over the Internet, and using Skype  we can provide your consultation online with a personal touch similar to the On-Site Consultation.

Once your Skype Consultation is booked we send you a preparation email. This includes your log-in to the Solar Energy Simulator (you get assistance using Skype to complete your site profile) and a request for photos from the North, South, East and West of your potential Solar site(s).  We prepare for the consultation by investigating your site using Google Earth and Bureau of Meteorology Solar and Wind data.

On the day of the consultation Wolfgang brings his 35 years of experience with Solar Energy technologies and his insights to Solar economics and politics in a live personalized Skype audio and video session.

We use the Solar Energy Simulator together and explore a variety of system components and sizes and run simulations and reports, with Wolfgang looking over your shoulder using the Skype screen-sharing facility.  You will quickly learn how the Solar Energy Simulator works.

Once a system is correctly sized for your site with the Solar Energy Simulator we generate a full set of reports and discuss them in detail.

At the completion of the consultation you will enjoy a deeper understanding of Solar Energy, the various Solar Energy potentials for your site and how you can use the Solar Energy Simulator to explore them.  

A 3 hour Skype consultation: $230.

Extra Skype time for any desired purpose, to pick Wolfgang’s brain, explore options etc:  $65 per hour
Skype follow up consultation  (min 1 hour):  $65 per hour

For consultation inquiries:

call (+61) 409 309901

or Email