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Solar Energy Simulator

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The Hybrid Sunshine Solar Energy Simulator (SES) simulates electricity consumption by your appliances, electricity generation by Solar or Wind Systems and electricity stored by Batteries.

The Solar Energy Simulator is as ‘real’ and ‘accurate’ for simulating your electrical environment as a flight simulator is for flying a plane!  It can be used for accurately sizing Hybrid Solar Components and prediction of their electrical and economic performance.

The Solar Energy Simulator accurately simulates your appliances electrical consumption, and their time of consumption, simulating solar power generation using local solar irradiation data collected between 2000 to 2013.

Because Solar Systems deliver power around 8 hours per day, the peak being around 6 hours, in a constantly varying intensity according to time of day, season and weather, the simulator must match the varying Appliance Load with varying Solar or Wind Supply in order to determine the exact levels and ratios of grid-use / grid-feed-in / self-consumption / self-storage.

The degree of self-consumption, grid-feed-in and/or battery storage at any given point in time is critical to determine the electrical/financial performance and return on a Solar or Hybrid Solar investment.

Electricity bills only provide total usage for a period and lack the time of use information.

In order to size system components correctly and create investment grade ROI predictions you must have a very accurate baseline. 

The Hybrid Sunshine Solar Energy Simulator (SES) creates such an accurate baseline with a combination of:

  • A complete Appliance Audit
  • Accurate power consumption and time of consumption modelling
  • Processing of all Tariffs, including time of consumption Tariffs
  • Accurate Solar, Wind, Battery and Grid time of generation modelling
  • Local day length and solar irradiation data integration to compute Solar Energy Generation
  • Battery depth of discharge (DOD) tracking and battery life modelling
  • A one minute simulation resolution

You can re-generate a baseline for any appliance / solar / wind / battery combinations, allowing you to research as many what-if scenarios as desired to tune a system to your sites appliance energy profile.

Once a Simulation Run is complete and your baseline is getting close to your target system, you can generate these reports:

  • Simulation Report
  • Appliance Consumption Analysis
  • Tariff Consumption Analysis
  • Solar Impact Projection
  • Solar Investment Cash flow Projection & RIO

Battery depth of discharge (DOD) calculated from the simulation is applied in the projection to calculate the number of replacement battery packs.

You can re-run these reports with different annual power and supply charge increase percentages, different battery size and DOD, different Solar System size, Solar Hot Water, Wind etc.

In this way, the SES is used as a research tool that allows you to refine the parameters of your desired Hybrid System, and to gather investment grade information upon which to base your decisions.

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Solar Energy Simulator Overview

This is the SES control panel:

Control Panel

Once you capture your Site, Grid and Appliances information (see screenshots below), you can select Hybrid Solar System components at any desired kW rating:


Now you can run a simulation of your Home, Business, Office etc with the Hybrid Components connected.

You set a simulation date range between any 2 dates from Jan 2000 to Dec 2013, for which Solar Irradiation Data is available for locations in Australia and “Run” the simulation:


Now the normally invisible electricity flowing through your wires becomes visible as kWh and Grid Cost for each Appliance and Hybrid Component as the simulator steps through every minute of every simulated day.

The Status panel shows the current date and progress and the Solar Irradiation Data collected by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) for each day at a location near you site shown on the Calendar Bar  January

When the simulation run is complete, a simulation report is shown (click to expand):

Simulation Report

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Subscribe and become a Hybrid Sunshine Member to simulate appliance electricity consumption and Solar, Wind and Battery electricity generation for your Home, Business, Farm etc, using the Solar Energy Simulator.