Solar to the Rescue – Oceanic Plastic Recovery

A new solution to the Oceanic Plastic Trash Gyres has emerged, and it is made possible by Solar Power!

Solar Robotic Barges are a real and economic solution to the removal of the millions of tons of plastic now floating in massive Plastic Trash Islands.

Wolfgang Flatow has begun an awareness campaign to announce the solution to the World at Oceanic Plastic Recovery.

”  The concept is simple and makes economic sense:

  • Construct a fleet of  Solar Robotic Barges (SRBs).
  • Program SRBs to travel between the Oceanic Plastic Garbage Gyres and nearby ports.
  • SRBs scoop up Plastic Garbage at the Oceanic Plastic Gyre.
  • SRBs unload it at processing stations in ports around the World.
  • SRBs are remotely monitored and controlled via satelite.

Fuel costs and pollution are eliminated and salaries kept to an absolute minimum. “

The problem this solves is described here.